Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A real post

It has taken me hours and multiple tries to get some updated pictures on this. Why am I so blog challenged?

As some of you know I put a put a gingerbread village under my tree every year (thanks to my mom for the awesome tradition). This year my family got together at Thanksgiving and baked all the houses (we were going to get done early!) SO my goal was by the first week of December I would have my house decorated and my gingerbread up and Christmas was going to be awesome this year. I got my house decorated and started on my gingerbread. Finished assembling and decorating the ski lodge and the santa house and left them overnight to dry. Let's just throw it out there that to get to that point takes all day. I came downstairs the next morning to discover my fat, pig dog had eaten my gingerbread. The evidence was all over her face, her fur and her bed. Needless to say I wanted to cry and it took me a week to recover from that and to start over from scratch and rebake the houses. Then it took me another couple of days to decorate them and by the time I was finished it was mid-December. Then Dogzilla ate what was under the tree and the rest was demolished by my children. Why do I do this every year?


Magen said...

just so you know i read this blog and i LOVE it...and i know you're really busy and all but i need more updates.. see your sporadic posts left me wondering who in the world those children were...my goodness they are so big...i seriously thought they were someone elses children admiring your tree. and seriously CALL ME BACK! i haven't talked to you since B's wedding and she about to pop a kid out so its been to long!

Becky, Ryan, Oliver, and Amelie said...

Seriously Court, your kids kill me. I agree with Mags in the "who are they" category cause they look so old. Sophie is out of control cute. I don't know why you do the gingerbread thing, it sounds really exhausting but aren't most traditions. Oh miss you

The Johnson Journey said...

You do it because YOU'RE AWESOME! :) Your kids are dolls. I miss your face and your mumbling. :)